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Tumour diseases I

Praxistag on the subject of tumour diseases

The speakers kindly provided the presentation slides for the talks of the Praxistage on 26 and 27 June 2015 for publication.

Biological Tumour Therapy – Possibilities and Limits

Dr. med. Anne Wessel, internist and physician for naturopathic treatment, Berlin

Biological tumor therapy, Dr. A. Wessel (German)

Nutrition and Cancer – What Makes Sense?
Focus on Carbohydrate-reduced Nutrition according to Dr. Coy

Dr. Heiko Hoffmann, biovis company, Limburg

Nutrition and Cancer, Dr. H. Hoffmann: by Dr. H. Hoffmann (German)

Tumour Immunology
How Can the Immune System Be Supported During Treatment?

Dr. Volker von Baehr, Immunologist and Specialist in Laboratory Medicine
Institute for Medical Diagnostics, Berlin – Potsdam

Tumour immunology, Dr. V. von Baehr (German)

Chemosensitivity Testing – Significance for Planning Therapy
Finding the Best Chemotherapy by Testing Before Treatment

Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster, “Zentrum für Molekulare Onkologie GmbH“
(Center for Molecular Oncology), Luckenwalde

Chemoresistance test, Dr. K. Schulze-Forster (German)

Gynaecological Tumours, Focus on Breast Cancer

Dr. Cornelia Herbstreit, chief physician of the gynaecological department and of the Breast Center, Klinik Havelhöhe, Berlin-Kladow

Breast cancer, Dr. C. Herbstreit (German)