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Complementary Medicine

Praxistag on the topic of Complementary Medicine

on 10 November 2012

– Follow up: The speakers and their talks –

On November 10th we celebrated the expansion of the practice with a “Praxistag” attended by about two hundred and fifty patients, their relatives and interested parties. From the overall positive feedback I gather that everyone enjoyed the interesting program in an excellent atmosphere. The afternoon was filled with six very informative presentations, each of which dealt with different aspects of holistic medicine. Many thanks to all the speakers!

Dr. med. Astrid Kohl




Dr. med. Ulrich Kleinau, internist/gastroenterologist

Medical Director DRK Kliniken Berlin


Environmental Dentistry – An Important Element of Integrative Medicine

Dr. dent. Roland Korbel, dentist and environmental dentist, Berlin


Health Burdens Due to Environmental Influences – What Should Be Considered?

Dipl. Ing. Karin Beutler, Engineering Office for Baubiologie (Building Biology: study of the effect of the built environment on the health of people), Berlin


Laboratory Diagnostics in Naturopathic Practice – What are Important Laboratory Values?

Dr. med. Volker von Baehr, specialist in laboratory medicine
Institute for Medical Diagnostics, Berlin


Soul, Spirit and Body – The Power of Thoughts in the Healing Process

Klaus Villwock, Coach, Biberach


When the Tumour Has Fever – Hyperthermia and its Possible Applications

Dr. phil. Olaf Bausemer, complementary and alternative medicine practitioner
Oncological practice, Mannheim, Germany


The Finale:

The Irish Fairy Tale “The Wisdom of the King”

recited by Stefan Heckel-Reusser
Heckel Medical Technology, Esslingen