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Fever and Heat Treatment

Fever is a condition of elevated core body temperature which usually accompanies the immune system’s defence against microorganisms. Less frequently, it occurs in the context of other inflammations, traumas or tumour diseases. The associated processes are based on complex physiological and biochemical reactions through the release of messenger substances of the immune system, especially via interleukin 1 beta. This leads to a change in the heat centre located in the area of the hypothalamus in the cerebrum.

Hence, fever is the result of finely tuned communication between the immune system and the nervous system. Therefore, in most cases it is not the cause of illness but part of the organism’s response to an illness. The frequent procedure of symptomatically reducing fever above a certain level in order to avert supposed damage from the patient no longer corresponds to the current state of research in fever physiology.

Fever differs fundamentally from unregulated states of overheating, which can occur as result of excessive heating by the environment, excessive physical activity or neurological diseases.

Since the diagnosis and treatment of tumour diseases became a science in the 19th century, there have been reports of rare cases of “inexplicable” spontaneous healing. Many of these cases were preceded by a highly febrile disease. Therefore, fever therapy was used therapeutically before the emergence of chemotherapy, e.g. by injecting bacterial extract to generate fever. Since the 1990s, the connection between fever and cancer healing has again been studied more systematically. It has been shown that the antecedents of tumour patients rarely contain episodes of highly febrile diseases.

It is undisputed that fever, especially when the temperature is high, can stimulate the immune system to a better immune response and perhaps also to fending off cancer.

As a result, fever therapy can be used as a heat treatment as well as to prevent diseases.

Therapeutic Hyperthermia

There are two different types of therapeutic hyperthermia, both offered by the practice of Dr. med. Astrid Kohl in Berlin:


Hyperthermia on the Internet here


Leaflet Hyperthermia (German)

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