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“Marvellous Intestine”

Praxistag on the topic “Marvellous Intestine”

on 10 September 2016

A Clear View of the Intestine – Pictures from Our Interior
The Intestine from the Surgeon’s Point of View

P.D. Dr. Robert Pfitzmann, Chief Physician DRK Klinikum Mitte, Surgery

What Needs to Be Considered in Diagnostics and Therapy?
The Intestine from the Internist’s Point of View – Focus on Inflammation of the Intestine

Dr. Ulrich Kleinau, Chief Physician DRK Klinikum Mitte, Gastroenterology

Fascination Intestinal Flora – Introduction to the Secret of Gut Microbiota

Dr. med. vet. Andreas Rüffer, Head of the Enterosan Laboratory

The Intestine and the Immune System – A Vital, Close Relationship

Dr. Volker von Baehr, Immunologist and specialist in laboratory medicine
Institute for Medical Diagnostics, Berlin – Potsdam